Vera Malitskaya

I am a results oriented Graphic Designer with a strong sense of urgency and a genuine love and passion for creative designing. I have a reputation for innovation and the ability to lead projects from initial concept through to execution. I will always act in the best interests of a business and will be happy to take the lead role in design when meeting larger strategic objectives. I am currently looking for interesting projects. If you need a great looking, creative and professionally made design please get in touch!

My Statement

From a young age I was always interested in graphic design and everything related to it: movie posters, book covers, advertising, packaging etc. I remember myself thinking: “WOW, these people – designers, they have a superpower!” And I have not changed my mind since! That is one of the reasons why I’m so captivated with graphic design and art. A good graphic design on a package for a food product creates powerful advertising materials and can SELL you that product even if the product is potentially overpriced. It can convince you that it tastes like the best thing in the world, even if it tastes like an average food product of that kind! Nowadays advertisement is so powerful! Good advertisement and design is one of the keys to successful business and good sales. Great designs can greatly increase sales even on an average quality product, the same way a poor design can significantly decrease sales, even on an excellent quality product. People want to buy things that look good, use things that look good and be surrounded by things that look good. They want to relate to the product they are using, to the option they are choosing, to the vision of your company and idea behind it. And the best way to say who you are and what you are all about, without using 1000 word long paragraph and making people bored by reading it, is – design! Good design is a powerful tool for the success of any company!

I believe:

    I believe that design itself is a very powerful concept

    I believe that good design is a strong weapon of mass influence

    I believe that graphic design is pure art and math at the same time. 

It takes creativity and boldness to create “speaking” artwork, good sense of taste and knowledge of peoples tastes/preferences to create a design that will satisfy people’s desire for beauty, it takes a lot of thought process to bring (show/expose) the idea through design, it takes passion for graphic design to combine it all together into good artwork!

I believe that a graphic designer should be:


    Free thinking 

    Not afraid of challenges

    Passionate about graphic design!


    Practical. Because design is created to SERVE people, not the other way around!

    Always in search for the best solutions

    Good communicator


    Idea driven

    Reliable member of the team

I am proud to announce that I possess these qualities :)

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